For Safe and Resilient Cities

SCS operates in 25 countries with offices in the USA: Washington DC, France: Paris, Switzerland: Geneva, Lausanne, Ireland: Dublin, Spain: Madrid, Portugal: Lisbon, Bahrain: Manama, Macedonia: Skopje

  • Advanced technologies
  • Telecom operator 
    5G and 4G Private networks
    Unlimited Worldwide Roaming Data Plans
    Secure Smartphones, Secure Sim-cards, Secure VPN, 
  • Cyberdefense,
    IT security
    Next generation firewalls (NGFW)
  • Managed services
  • Lab testing ands simulation
  • Advanced Cryptography,
    Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC)
  • Solutions for Law Enforcement Authorities,
    Geo-INTEL (Accurate and Worldwide Geo-location)
    Forensic research services
    (C3) Covert Content Collecting and Data Spider
    OSINT/WEBINT, Fusion and analytics
    Advanced Analytics and predictive analysis
  • Electronic warfare 
    Radars, Sonars, RF systems, Jamming systems
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Advanced Photo Video Analytics, 
    Facial Recognition: fastest and most accurate solution in the world
  • Access Control for Airports and critical infrastructures
    Weapon Detection
    Threat detection online and offline

  • Drone and antidrone solution (C-UAS) 
  • Armored Vehicles 
  • Advanced Radars (3D and 4D, micro-doppler, OTH) 
  • Sonars (coastal protection)
  • Anti blast solutions
  • Logistics, freight, warehouses, life support and construction, 
  • Training Academy
  • Finance, Bank as a service, Insurance 
  • Blockchain and Crypto-currency exchange
  • E-PS: integrated financial platform
  • Hospital Cyber-Security and Safety
  • Medical Intelligence 
  • Clinical Advisory 
  • Pandemic mitigation 
  • Vaccines 
  • Field Hospitals with storm protection
  • Luxury Real Estate, 
  • Integrated planning and engineering
  • SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 
    Safe and resilient cities 
    Urban Habitat and urban planning 
  • Clean technologies
    Renewable Energies 
    Solar and wind energy
    Smart Energy storage
    Water and waste treatment
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SCSWORLD (Securewyse Consulting and Services), is a group of companies founded by veteran officers and professional experts in various sectors of defense, energy, medical healthcare, strategic integrated urban planning, addressing global and country specific challenges of this century. 

Learn more about the history and values driving our organization through  the most advanced applications of science and technologies, at the crossing of biotech, fintech, cybertech, telecom, artificial intelligence, web intelligence, big data and data-fusion.

Safety, Security, Cyber & Telecom,
Business Intelligence, GEO-Intelligence,
AI, Resilience

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