Our Values

SCSWORLD is a leading global solution provider with extensive performance and experience in training for government institutions and for a variety of organisations representing the civil society.

One of the things that makes SCSWORLD unique is our multidisciplinary approach: we strive to integrate the best solutions as a perfect fit for each project, with deep experience across many geographies, our multicentric approach and our commitment to diversity and inclusion place a premium on the contributions of all of our experts and professionals.

Our principles ensure that all activities are conducted with transparency and are understandable by all the key stakeholders.

SCS. is always acting in accordance with sound ethics, compliance and business practices, ensuring high business-ethical standards in all instances and equal treatment of all.

 Our company is underpinned by the following main principles:

– Transparency
– Integrity
– Openness and Fairness
– Accountability

Our activities respect the following principles:
– Achieving sustainable development goals
– Protecting the environment
– Safety and security first

Our principles